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Quality in Pathology

Who is QuIP?

QuIP conducts proficiency tests for molecular pathology and immunohistochemistry. The company is a neutral and independent service provider. QuIP considers itself responsible for enabling precise tissue sample analyses by participating organizations and thus ensuring high quality standards in pathology. The company helps pathologists to provide best-in-class diagnostic services to ensure that patients can receive the targeted therapies that they need.

What is a proficiency test?

QuIP provides participants with previously validated tissue samples for testing. This comparative approach allows organizations to ensure the quality of their analyses. Participation is voluntary.

QuIP uses benchmark evaluations to provide anonymized reports of test results. Certificates are issued to successful participants in a proficiency test.

What services does QuIP offer?

  • Routine proficiency tests
  • Prototypical proficiency tests
  • Seminars and workshops (preparation/follow-up for proficiency tests)
  • Digital Readout Tests
  • Continuing education (including online seminars)
  • QA monitoring and benchmarks
  • Information portals for industry professionals